What is DogeGOD ?

DOGEGOD is the easiest way to invest in Dogecoin.

DogeGod is a project created to deliver Dogecoin to its holders. Backed by an innovative ecosystem, based on a stable coin paired with transactional burn tokenomics, the more DogeGod you hold, the more Dogecoin you earn.

DogeGOD gives back Dogecoin

12.5% dividends payed back in Dogecoin

The smart contract takes a 15% fee for each transaction. 12.5% is automatically paid back to DogeGod holders in bep20 Dogecoin
and the rest 2.5% goes into our marketing fund. With each transaction DGOD tokens will be burnt resulting in a stable chart and little to none sell pressure.


The ORACLE is our own Dapp that allows you to have an overview of the ecosystem and also check your investment.

Some of the features are:

  • Total amount of Dogecoin paid out
  • How much DogeGod & Dogecoin is in your wallet
  • Daily DogeGod transactional volume
  • Manual claim of rewards (for all our impatient holders)


DogeGod Chart
Presale Price

$0.000008043 - SOLD OUT



Liquidity at launch

$137 K

Marketcap at launch


DogeGod uses an innovative burn mechanic where EVERY transaction is a burn. This mechanic increases DogeGod floor price as well as the LP while the total supply is in constant decline.


DogeGOD will be more than just another dividend token as we plan on bringing more utility to the table as the project grows. The Journey of DogeGOD will not be fully revealed as we plan on keeping our competitive edge in this space.

July 2022

Vested allocation and presale

August 2022

Token launch and Listing on the first significant platforms, Launch of DAPP, Contract and team audit

October 2022

Future development of DogeGOD Oracle

November 2022

The start of Certik certification

Q1-Q2 2023

Project Nirvana a unique proposition for the Dogecoin & Crypto community


The Path of the DOGEDOG will be made public as we reach our important milestones.

Stay tuned for more !


You can purchase DogeGod using the following options.

Tap on the icons below to open up the swap

If you are already familiar with smart contracts, add the following contracts to your wallet. 

DogeGOD contract


PEG BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Dogecoin Contract

If you are new to the crypto space check below for more information on how to buy

How to buy guide



The DogeGOD Team was brought together in the darkest hours of the doge world. Nonetheless the chosen ones are now here. Although still a mystery, their true identity will be revealed at one of the big milestones down the road.


The Fixer
Wielder of the Doge Hammer
The Seraph
Guardian of Doge Heaven
The Witcher
Ethereal Defender
The Spirit
Ghost of Doge


God of DogeLove
The Wizard
Honorable Doge Spellcaster
The Alchemist
Master of Doge Potions
The Prophet
Master of DogeTongue
The Knight
Leader of the DogeGuard
The Artist
Wielder of colors

DogeGOD Twitter feed

🐕Doge or No #Doge🐕

Contestant #10 @GregFinney4 congratulations! You are the next contestant to make a podium appearance. We look forward to u in the DogeStudio when scheduling lines up on the #bnb #bsc #network #Earning #Dogecoin #Dividends. #BNBChain

🐕Doge or No #Doge🐕

Contestant #9 Red Pants hodled his case to the end where he had a 1 in 7 chance at $75 in #Dogecoin. Check out the DogeStudio game show at this link🎉 so much fun

Looking forward to #Doge or No Doge defi game in 13 1/2 hours with our next contestant Red Pants.... $100 in #Dogecoin on the #bnb #bsc #network. Ty @cz_binance for low fees. @zodiacs_c #web3 #technology & #innovation. #BNBChain #BSCNews #1000xgem

🎉Community Promotional🎉

#DogeGod will be a participant in The King of the Night Ep19
Cheer on @LeoTheFixer Here https://t.me/+nRzHZwkemaVkM2Nk on Jan. 30th 7pm utc

🐕Doge or No #Doge🐕

- Special Open Mic Entry - Contestant #8 @Chasing_good won 82.94 #Dogecoin today! That's $82.94 at the next all time high! Congratulations!

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

The team is doxxed to partners, audits and each other. Other than this, the DogeGod avatars will be the team’s online/metaverse identities. Many failed BSC projects exist in which project leaders are doxxed, but still, the project fails due to illicit behaviour. Doxxing gives the impression of investor protection when the reality is very different. Transparency, liquidity/asset locks, audits and history are the data points of integrity.

The presale has an important discount compared to the launch price so a part of the purchased tokens in presale will be locked in order to protect the launch price from big dumps.

Currently DogeGod is working to earn Dogecoin trust and form a logical partnership in the future. DogeGod not only benefits its holders thanks to its Doge dividends but benefits Dogecoin itself as in every transaction in DogeGod some Doge are purchased.

If the airdrop of your reflection is late, it is due to BSC network congestion which is causing delays and traffic buildup. However, rest assured, your Dogecoin earnings are calculated and accumulating for you in the background. We endeavor to airdrop them into your wallet once traffic issues are resolved without costing you any gas fees. Also, it's important to know that the quantity of Dogecoin and the frequency in which they are distributed depends on DogeGod's transactional volume.

Yes, with the DogeGod Oracle, manual claiming is a simple click, but it will cost you a fee.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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