How to buy Dogegod

Buying DogeGOD

If you are new to BSC tokens, follow these steps

Download a wallet that supports BSC tokens. The team recommends Metamask but if you have a binance account you can also use the Binance Smart Chain wallet. 

Download Metamask
Binance Smart Wallet

 Add the contracts listed to the wallet using the import tokens command.

DogeGOD contract

PEG BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Dogecoin Contract

To buy DogeGOD, the team recommends these options:

Make sure you are logged in to your wallet app then connect the chosen app to your wallet.

Send BNB to your wallet. Most people use Binance, although any exchange that supports BNB is acceptable.

Within your chosen swap/trading app, search for the DGOD/CZUSD pairing using the DogeGOD contract no. Scammers will try to fool you into buying a fake token, so ALWAYS make sure you check contract number of ANY new token you plan to purchase.

If you need to add a slippage to your transaction, use the auto function or set it to 18%. Slippage is just a pricing tolerance to help ensure the transaction is processed.

Make sure you also look for our token logo

Once the transaction is complete, you need to wait for your PEG Dogecoin payments. Depending on  volume, pricing and number of transactions, it takes 2 hours to 3 days to auto receive your PEG Doge. The delay is to ensure PEG Dogecoin transactions are free. If you don’t mind paying a fee, you can withdraw your PEG Dogecoin to your wallet manually.

To convert your PEG Dogecoin to Dogecoin, send it to Binance. This will auto converts to Dogecoin 

If you have any problems or questions, please visit the DogeGOD telegram channel 

Official Telegram Group

For your safety

The DogeGOD team will never DM you first.

The DogeGOD team will never ask you for sensitive information like your wallet seed keys.

All communication should only be on the main channel


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